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[pagelayout] [pagetitle subtitle=”At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos”]Welcome To Alfie.[/pagetitle] [row class=”text-center”] [intro_icons howmany=”4″ color=”inverse” icon=”icon-youtube” title=”Video Tutorials” content=”We have created lots of YouTube videos just so you can achieve everything we have to offer within the Alfie WordPress Theme!”] [intro_icons howmany=”4″ color=”yellow” icon=”icon-resize-full” title=”Responsive Design” content=”Developed to look good no matter what platform or device you are viewing the website on, go a head, try shrinking your browser!”] [intro_icons howmany=”4″ color=”red” icon=”icon-html5″ title=”Html Compliant” content=”Developed with high level of coding and care to provide everyone with a Html5 compliant markup for this amazing website template”] [intro_icons howmany=”4″ color=”blue” icon=”icon-css3″ title=”CSS3 Transitions” content=”We have incorporated a few nice subtle animations which finishes this template off, and gives it a really professional finish!”] [/row] [/pagelayout]

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