In the early ’70’s, Dimitris Matsoukas had his hands full: in the morning he was practicing the art of sign making, in the afternoon he was perfecting his skills as an electrician in the alleys of Pheidiou, and in his free time he sought out adventure at the wheel of a Mini Cooper, competing in the epic “Acropolis Rally”. During those nostalgic years of racing on 3,200+ kilometers of steep rugged roads against athletes with novel nicknames such as “Mavros”, “Iaveris” and “Siroko”, and 3 days without sleep, he had plenty of energy in reserve for the production of artworks, manually executed from start to finish, using equipment such as the airbrush, paints, brushes and cutting tools. His collaboration with automotive clubs happened naturally as he proceeded from car racer to judge to organiser, undertaking the construction of large-scale structures for the rally, such as a 4×4 starting arch and a giant BFGoodrich tyre, a technical feat for those times.

Word of mouth were the testimonials of the day along with the acknowledgement of the impeccable quality of his work, bringing a growing list of blue-chip clients such as Alpine, Rothmans, Marlboro, Duty Free, Renault and Tag Heuer.

Today, Dimitris’ son Michalis is at the helm of the company. With 25 years of experience and studies in Graphic Design, Michalis brings fresh ideas and incorporates cutting-edge technology to actualise your vision for your business, as if it were our own.